by Alvin Ung and Friends

This 7-part prayer podcast on the Road to Emmaus invites you to notice how Christ walks with you today.

You will remember, reflect and relate with God in Scripture and daily life. All it takes is ten minutes.

Each podcast has three parts:

  1. Listen to Scripture (1-2 minutes)

  2. Listen to Christ speaking to you today (2-3 minutes)

  3. Listen to God in daily life (6 minutes)

How to use this prayer podcast:

  • You may listen to one podcast per day for one week.

  • You may repeat certain sessions on different days, as you are led to do so.

  • You may invite a spiritual friend or small group to do this together

Before you pray, you may...

  • Choose a fixed time and place where you can carve out 15 minutes of silence e.g. morning prayer, lunch break, evening walk, etc.

  • Pray: "Lord, I seek the grace to know You more clearly, love You more dearly and follow You more nearly."

  • There are times of silence of up to one minute for you to pray. If you desire to reflect or remain in the silence, please press the "Pause" button on your device, and resume the podcast when you are ready.

At the end, you may...

  • Pray the Lord's prayer

  • Write a reflection or prayer in your journal or notes app in your phone/laptop.

  • Invite a spiritual friend or a small group to join you in praying this podcast. You will find it immensely profitable to share your reflections - in person or in writing - with a friend or small group.

Episode 1: Nowhere + Now Here

We usually have so many things on our mind that we don’t notice that God is with us. But Jesus desires to have a conversation with us. And he is prepared to listen. Will you share with Him what concerns you?

Episode 2: Sad + Glad

There are days when we feel sad, mad or glad. And then there are days when we feel all three at once. Will you share with Him what you truly feel today?

Episode 3: Near + Far

There are days when God feels so near or so far. No matter how we feel, the Lord is here -- nearer than we can imagine. Will you draw near to Him today?

Episode 4: Suffering + Glory

Why does God allow suffering? Instead of answering such questions, the Lord shows us a different road toward suffering and glory. Will you join Him today?

Episode 5: Stay + Leave

Sometimes God stays close with us and sometimes He seems to leave us alone. But He always desires that we seek Him. Will you invite the Lord to stay with you today?

Episode 6: Take + Give

Sometimes, we may think that serving God is taking too much out of us. And we have nothing left to give. Today, will you allow the Lord to give you something different?

Episode 7: Remember + Recognise

In our busyness, we do not notice God. But when we take time to remember, we begin to recognise the Lord’s hidden work. Today, will you remember what God is doing?

ALVIN UNG is an author, leadership coach and facilitator of top team meetings. He serves on faculty at Regent College's MA in Leadership, Theology and Society program. He leads Purpose Labs for the United Nations. He is an online storyteller for the Children's Library at CDPC Puchong. To learn more about his books, click here.